Samantha and Babysitting Villains

Readers of my previous comic strip, Greystone Inn, will recognize the woman at the end of the table in today’s comic.

It’s Samantha Miller, Mac’s wife, who was hired into the Evil Inc Public-Relations department.

Sam’s pregnancy is the topic of the “Best of Greystone Inn” book, Prodromal Teeth (And Other Perils of Pregnancy and Parenthood).

She started out as the Greystone publicist, but was later fired. Despite a strong resume, she was unable to find another job in public relations.

She finally found a job as a day-care provider for children of super-villains at the League of Evil.

The League of Evil was the precursor to Evil Inc. In Evil Inc continuity, it was a villainous start-up that Evil Inc quickly bought and assimilated.