Evil Inc Annual Report Vol. 2 and VILF shirts

I’m well into the process of putting together the second Evil Inc book, the creatively titled Evil Inc Annual Report Vol. 2. The book is going to be larger than the preceeding volume — right now hovering around 70+ pages — and will be done in the same graphic-novel style.

I’m adding narration that helps tell the story smoothly and provides additional exposition on the plot. I’m also juggling the order of the arcs to refine the storytelling a little. It’s really looking great. I’m about halfway done, and I’m very confident* that I’ll be done in time for Christmas.

The VILF shirts were ordered earlier this week. I’m hoping for a two-week turnaround on these, so I might* have some shirts on hand for my appearance at the Baltimore Comic Con Sept. 9-10! People who preordered the shirts may* be receiving theirs by the end of September.

*All promises written in sand at this point.