VILF shirt contest

OK… so I’ve decided that I need a good image to advertise VILF shirts. Since the preorders are now shipping and shirts are being distributed at cons, etc., I’m announcing a contest.

Send me a photo of you or someone else wearing the VILF shirt. Make it as funny or sexy or exciting as you possibly can. I’ll choose the top three and put them up for a vote. The winning photo will be used in advertising and promoting the VILF shirt. So don’t submit a photo that you wouldn’t want to see distributed.

The winner will received a gift package including:

Evil Inc Annual Report, vol 1
Evil Inc Annual Report, vol 2 (as soon as it comes out)
Best of Greystone Inn: Lightning Lady
Best of Greystone Inn: Prodromal Teeth
2 Matted prints (b&w). Your choice of any two comics from Greystone or Evil Inc
Original convention sketch of Miss Match from Baltimore Comic Con 2006
Sponsorship button free for one month

That’s over $100 worth of swag, my friends.

E-mail your submission to me at bguigar (at) yahoo (dot) com

Last submissions will be accepted one month after the last preordered shirt ships (I’ll announce that when it happens).