Fund-raiser for Paul Taylor

Blank Label Comics is announcing a fund-raiser for BLC member Paul Taylor. Paul’s first child was born a month prematurely on Aug. 16, and he has required an extended hospital stay. Paul and his wife have been through quite an ordeal — which continues to this day.

Extended hospital stays turn into extended hospital bills, so we’d like to help our friend. Several BLC members and friends are auctioning off original art and other amazing items over the next two weeks. The money made from these auctions will be donated directly to Paul Taylor and his family.

A full list of auction items appears below. All list items will be linked to the auctions as they go live. Some items may be added to the list as the next two weeks progress, so check back often.

Finally, if you’re not interested in an auction item but would still like to help, feel free to go to and make a donation directly to Paul through his PayPal donation button which appears under the comic on the left-hand side of the screen (look for Monica wearing a “SUPPORT WAPSI” T-shirt.

Auction items:

Ugly Hill original art, by Paul Southworth

Sheldon original art, by Dave Kellett

Shortpacked! original art by David Willis

Numbered sketch edition of Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management by Howard Tayler

Original Checkerboard Nightmare art by Kris Straub

Evil Inc original art, matted and framed, by Brad Guigar

Wapsi Square original art, Golem Girls, by Paul Taylor

Wapsi Square original art, Katherine Gilchrist, by Paul Taylor

Wapsi Square original sketch, Monica, by Paul Taylor

Wapsi Square original art, Shelly with guitar, by Paul Taylor

Wapsi Square original art, Shelly finds hope, by Paul Taylor

Wapsi Square original art, Shelly and Monica jogging, by Paul Taylor