Doctor Strange: The Oath

I blogged about this when CBR posted a preview, and I finally have it in my hands. I can readily say Dr. Strange : The Oath does not disappoint.

The series opens with Dr. Strange being carried by His Faithful Manservant Wong into an emergency room with a serious gunshot wound. It seems the injury is the least of the Good Doctor’s problems. Wong has a deadly cancer. Strange must cure him or lose him. It’s a very good premise for a limited series.

But even better is the handling of Dr. Strange’s personality. I’ve noticed it in a couple other books (notably the recent Defenders limited series)… writers are starting to treat Doc S as a absent-minded wizard type. And I have to say — I couldn’t be more pleased.

See, not only does it make for great comic relief, but it’s perfectly logical. Of COURSE a guy who spends so much time with other-worldly concerns would be completely oblivious to the physical world around him. This series is doing this beautifully.

Preview Page One.

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