Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine

Please welcome the newest Sponsor of Evil, Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine. Each issue of this popular science fiction & fantasy magazine contains over 40,000 words of fiction, articles, interviews, reviews and editorial. Published every 2 months, Andromeda Spaceways is a brilliant and refreshing sci-fi publication.

The stories tend towards the light-hearted — which fits my tastes perfectly.

Issue 25, the current issue, has some fantastic stories. Right out of the box, they hit you with two great ones: “The Mana Bar Kid” and “Knight Wanted.” Both of these tales have great story hooks. The first is a play on the old “kids starving in Africa” line parents give finicky kids at the dinner table. Throw in a matter transporter to actually send the food to those kids — and a stranger at the door — and you have a really quirky story. “Knight Wanted” unfolds as a king holds a 21st-century-style interview for a knight — with a satisfyingly clever twist at the end.

There are other intriguing stories — like “In Walked a Goblin,” “The Old Oxford Charm,” and “The Red Priest’s Vigil” — and you have hours of enjoyable reading. Throw in a colorful features like poetry, reviews, and author biographies and you have hours of enjoyable reading.

Did I mention that it’s only $4 for a PDF and $6 (+S&H) for a print copy?