A new Phables updates today. My apologies to those of you who have already read the Rafinesque / Curse of Transylvania storyline from Greystone Inn.

I couldn’t resist using it as the basis for a special Halloween edition of Phables. I was always sad that the storyline din’t get the recognition it deserved when it appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News as part of a three-week storyline. So I reformated the panels into a Phables-type presentation.

Deeper still, it’s kind of a victory dance of sorts. See, I wanted this to be the inaugural Phable when I originally pitched this project to my supervisor. It would have run during one of the years supposedly affected by Raf’s seven-year curse.


That’s right, I pitched Phables for well over a year before finally being allowed to launch it earlier this year.

If you ever see me in person, ask me about the real punchline to that story. Needless to say, I can’t post it here.