Gail Simone and Secret Six

I think Gail Simone is quickly becoming one of the best writers in comics.

OK. Maybe I’m biased. Her Secret Six series is a concept that I have a special affinity for — a cobbled-together group of super-villains trying to do what’s right… (or would that be wrong?) It worked beautifully in Villains United. And it’s pure enjoyment in Secret Six.

What’s so great about it? Well for starters, I love villains. Obviously.

But Gail’s writing makes what I knew would be a good series great.

Case in point: She takes a C-level Batman villain, the Mad Hatter, and reimagines him as one of the most potent bad guys in the DC Universe. In the most recent issues, the Hatter single-handedly stalemates the Doom Patrol and kicks Dr. Psycho’s keister.


Now throw in some deft handling of increasingly complex characters such as Catman, Knockout, Ragdoll and Deadshot.


Gail needs to take a larger role at DC. Her writing is gripping, clever, and tight.

Project Number One: An ongoing Secret Six series.