Evil Inc Annual Report Volume Two

Last week, I threw the doors open to the masses who have been hungering for the second installment of Evil Inc Annual Report. If you’re not a hungering mass, here’s the deal: Annual Report is a graphic novelization of the daily comic strip.

It is not simply a collection of the daily comics.

I take the individual panels and lay out a graphic novel. Since I write a continuous storyline, the book reads seamlessly from cover to cover. I include a narration that moves the story along with background and plot points that are not available anywhere else.

I promised a preview and here it is. Once you’ve checked it out, be sure to head over to Lulu.com and buy your copy today.

This book does not yet have an ISBN or car code. The back cover will have a white square where the bar code will eventually go. If that matters to you, wait just a short time, I’ll have those issues solved in a few days. I’ll be posted a heads-up when that happens.