PvP: The Animated Series

From Scott Kurtz’s blog: It is with great pride that we announce the first season of PvP: The Animated Series. Starting in February 2007, PvP will be offered as an animated feature via the Web. Each month, via a subscription service, we’ll be delivering a new 4-6 minute episode. This is not your typical flash animation. These are traditionally 2D animated with professional voice actors all collaborating to bring the staff of PVP magazine to life for the first time.

The series premieres February 1, 2007. If you sign up between now and January 1, a year long subscription only costs you $19.95. Come 2007, a year-long subscription is $29.95 so be sure to sign up now and get the better deal.

Subscriptions are going to make or break this project, so you’d better get on board right now!