The second Sheldon book is here

From the Sheldon blog: THE BOOKS ARE HERE! And good Lord ‘n Butter, they look fantastic. I’ve always made it a priority that the Sheldon books look and feel awesome, and I was really happy with how Pure Ducky Goodness turned out. But I’ve gotta be honest: The Good, The Bad & The Pugly blows it out of the water. The cover stock is nicer, the inside pages are nicer, and the strips themselves reprint with such clarity that, as an artist, I couldn’t be happier. You’ll be very impressed when your copy arrives.

Dave Kellett is a man on top of his game. Reading one of his comic strips is fun. Reading a bookfull and getting into his rhthym — immersing yourself into his world — is an absolute joy. Dave’s writing has time-stopping powers. You will literally look up from his book after turning the last page and wonder where the last couple hours went.

Get thee hither to the Sheldon Store and order yours today.