A Man of Letters

From Chris Eliopoulos’ essay about being a letterer in the comic-book industry:

Let’s be honest here. Letterers are the scum of the industry. Everyone looks down on what we do—except maybe Augie De Blieck—and thinks that the art of lettering is akin to moving furniture. You can get just about anyone to do it and it’ll look the same. We are a necessary evil and are usually the least-considered member of the team on any given book. We don’t even get a credit on the cover like everyone else.

I did you a favor and skipped the bitter, pissy introduction. Luckily, the piece gets much better as Eliopoulos transitions into a story about how Wizard payed his way to their Chicago convention… so he could serve food to his co-workers.

Eliopoulos illustrates and co-writes the Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius series from Marvel. Read more.