PVP: The Animated Series — Update

Scott Kurtz’s foray into animation may be one of the most exciting projects in webcomics history. I’m subscribing and you should, too. CBR has posted an excellent interview with Kurtz about the enterprise and it’s a great read.

[CBR] Scott Kurtz’s “PvP” is one of those comics that’s traversed both the online and print world with relative ease. The wildly popular online comic is read by thousands daily, while those who prefer the more traditional printed variety can pick up monthly collections of the strips from Image Comics.

But as is the dream of many a comic, it wants to come alive – it wants to be animated. And Kurtz’s “PvP” is no exception. With the advent of the Internet and the insane popularity of video sharing sites like You Tube, being animated doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get picked up by a major television network or film studio. You can, simply, do it on the Web.

That’s what Kurtz will be doing. “PvP” will come alive as a monthly animated series beginning February of 2007. Kurtz has joined with Blind Ferret Entertainment, a start up animation company based in Canada, to produce twelve episodes, each four-to-six minutes long that will be released monthly on the Web. CBR News caught up with Kurtz to learn more about “PvP The Series.”

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