Dan Didio looks back at 2006

Newsarama has an excellent interview with Dan Didio, Senior VP and Executive Editor of the DC Universe, in which he looks back at 2006. From the story: For both longtime readers, and relative newcomers, 2006 was the year virtually everything changed for the DC Universe. The new year began in the midst of Infinite Crisis, saw the jump to One Year Later, and the weekly story of 52.

Amid all of this, old characters were brought back and given a chance to shine, and the icons of the DCU were polished up so that if you considered yourself any kind of DC fan at all, you were buying Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman’s comics along with the rest of your haul.

That’s not to say there weren’t problems – some launches were relatively stillborn, storylines occasionally went off the tracks, and of course, like other publishers, DC had its share of high profile books ship late.

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