Greystone Inn archives: The Book Tour

In 2001, my first collection of Greystone Inn comics was being published by Plan Nine Publishing. To promote this, I devoted a storyline to Argus and the gang going on a promotional book tour. Ham-handed caricatures abound in this one, including Oprah, Larry King, Katie Couric, and Howard Stern.

It also has an interesting passage in which Mac — meeting up unexpectedly with an ex-girlfriend — is not only beset by a shoulder-angel and a shoulder-devil, but miniature embodiments of his id, ego, super-ego, and conscience… all of whom compete to direct his response to her amorous advances.

It’s a fun storyline and I bring it up solely because I’m thinking a lot about books and publishing today.

See, there’s something big I’ve got to share with you guys.

…But that’s a post for another day. 🙂