Philly Feed

Here’s another exciting announcement for some great stuff that’s coming up in 2007: Phables, my long-form comic about life in Philadelphia, is going to begin updating every Monday starting later in January.

It has been very successful in the Philadelphia Daily News, where it started running every other Monday earlier this year. We made the official announcement on Philly Feed, which is the podcast of the Daily News.

And, yes, if you go to today’s Philly Feed Web site, you’ll see that although I’ve worked there for eight years, they spelled my name wrong (unless they’ve fixed it by now).

Spelling aside, this is fantastic news because, between the weekly cartoon I do for their sex-advice column and the now-weekly Phables, I’m going to be spending more time than ever doing cartooning as my day job.

If you’d like to download the podcast and listen for yourself, knock yourself out. We talk about some the Phables from 2006 and discuss what makes a really good Phable.