Courting Disaster

Courting Disaster, my weekly comic about sex, love, and relationships updates every Friday. You’ll laugh your pants off. This week’s question:

I’m a tenant in a four-apartment building with paper-thin walls and floors. For a while I have been having problems with two of my neighbors. When they have sex, they’re so loud that I can hear everything just as clear as if they were in the next room instead of on another floor. I’ve expressed my discomfort to them before, and I’ve asked if they could have a little consideration. The guy appears to be respecting my feelings, but the girl has not — and really has only gotten louder. Many couples have lived in and been “active” in the unit over the years, but there’s never been a problem like this. I know everyone has the right to do what they do in the bedroom, but I feel I also have a right to be respected, and if I’m uncomfortable with what they do they should at least take into consideration how I feel. Am I wrong for feeling this? And what else could I do in terms of doing something about it? — Down Downstairs

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