Please welcome a new Sponsor of Evil: OtakuBooty.

This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” sites that I think many of you are going to appreciate. It’s a dating site for intelligent fans of anime, manga and gaming. As of Spring 2006, OtakuBooty has over 4,800 members and is poised for rapid growth in the coming months.

Many of you are familiar with one of my other comics, Courting Disaster, which is a weekly comic about sex, love, and relationships. Every week I post a question on the site which is then discussed in a free chatroom. Wanna know the question that gets sent in more than any other topic?

How do I find someone who likes the same things I do?

OtakuBooty has your answer.

Here’s a little bit from their Web site:

What unique features does OtakuBooty have?
OtakuBooty was built from scratch on custom-developed software with an emphasis on community development and togetherness. Other anime “dating” sites are built with generic, pre-built, cookie-cutter software.

No “avatars� are allowed; all members use real photographs of themselves. Nearly all the content on OtakuBooty, from pre-formatted profile comments to graphical site themes, comes from members themselves.

One example: The special Friends-Only Pictures galleries. Members can maintain a separate gallery of pictures that are visible only to people they’ve marked as friends. As you might guess, these can be interesting.

Why is there a small fee to gain full membership privileges on OtakuBooty when many other sites are free?
This is key to our success. Taking a cue from the SomethingAwful forums, we implemented this fee because it encourages positive participation in the community. Nobody wants to pay money just to misbehave on the forums and get thrown off the site.

Another factor is that OtakuBooty does not typically accept paid advertising from other sources. We’re independent; we don’t want to have to answer to advertisers.