New Avengers #28

Brian Bendis has revealed the final member of the New Avengers line-up: Spider-Man.

[Newsarama] WHAT BRIAN BENDIS SAYS: “Spider-Man – the man who made the biggest boner move of 2006 [laughs]…. He has a lot to answer for.

“There is a lot going on with Spider-Man post-Civil War, not much of which I can discuss, because it will be happening in his own books. But everything that is happening in his books – which is major, major stuff – will be reflected in New Avengers, and the extra added bonus you get in our book is you get to see the rest of the Marvel Universe reacting to him.

“There is nothing better in the whole history of literary fiction than a guilt-ridden Peter Parker, and we have the ‘King Kong’ of guilt-ridden Peter Parker’s now, on this team, trying to make amends for all the damage that was done and all the damage he did in outing himself and dealing with the disastrous implications of what happened since.�

Q: So Leinil Yu will be drawing him in the Black suit, at least to start?

“Yes. He is in the Black suit. Everything that happens in New Avengers mirrors what happens in the Spider-Man books, will be reflected on, and readers will get to see new angles on it.�
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So, for those of you scoring at home (lucky devils!), the new lineup is: Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Ronin, Echo, and Spider-Man. Dang. That is one intriguing lineup. I guess I’m adding another title to my pull list, aren’t I?

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