Green Lantern #17

Newsarama has a very good interview with Geoff Johns in which he discusses the upcoming developments in the Green Lantern storyline.

[Newsarama] The past has come back to bite Hal Jordan many times in his years as a Green Lantern, but perhaps not quite as hard as in the end of last week’s issue #16, when the benefactor of the bounty hunters who’ve been chasing Jordan revealed himself. The mysterious man looking for earth’s Green Lantern? None other than Amon Sur, the son of Abin Sur – i.e., the previous Green Lantern who, after crashing on earth gave his ring to Jordan.

…Amon’s return is only the tip of the pain in the butt iceberg that’s just beginning to show itself in DC’s Green Lantern series – Sinestro, the red guy with the yellow ring with the mad-on for Green Lanterns, and Hal in particular, is forming up his own team, and the Star Sapphire is back on earth – and hunting. Read the whole story.

The Sinestro Corp idea leaves me with mixed emotions. This sort of thing could be absolutely revitalizing to the Green Lantrern mythos. It has the makings of really, really superb storytelling. I mean a Sinestro Corp could be amazing.

Quoth Mr. Johns: …Green Lantern #18-#20 will have six page back-ups by me and Dave Gibbons called “Tales of the Sinestro Corps,â€? which will be in the style of the old “Tales of the Green Lantern Corpsâ€? which will start to introduce new members being selected, and what they do.

…The relationship between the Sinestro ring and their bearers are a little different – more like a host and parasite than the Green Lantern ring bearers and their rings. The Sinestro Corps members aren’t controlled by their rings, but they are a little more parasitic. The rings feed on fear, and feeds off the fear that the individual it has chosen can create…They have all the positive qualities of a Green Lantern ring, except they instill great fear instead of conquering great fear. So they’re essentially terrorists in a way.

…Or it could totally and completely stink.