According to a few Wikipedia editors, Evil Inc is not a noteworthy comic.

They know nothing of the 11,000+ daily visitors (not counting newspapers).

They know nothing of the newspapers it runs in — including Philadelphia Daily News (130,000 daily circulation).

They don’t know about the two graphic novels, distributed worldwide by Diamond Distribution.

What they see is a webcomic.

And in their myopic view, it’s a webcomic unworthy of inclusion in their increasingly narrowminded Wikipedia.

In their tribunal, the entry for Evil Inc was conisdered “unverifiable.” They said no attempt had been made to establish “notability.”

And when I wrote the editor who was credited for the deletion, I got a real taste of the “not my problem” mentality of some Wikipedia editors (scroll down to read it).

So it was unceremoniously dumped from the Wikipedia servers. Not noteworthy and unverifiable, indeed.

I have two choices. I can simply groan and go back to what I truly love best — creating comics. Or I can stand up to these people and insist that what you and I share here is noteworthy.

One SuperFan has petitioned Wikipedia to resinstate the entry. And I would encourage you to take a couple minutes and add your voice to the appeal.

There’s only one way to respond to behavior such as theirs — loudly.

And that, my friends, is verifiable.