WikiWatch: Day 2

The Evil Inc Un-Deletion Movement is off to a strong start! I can’t thank you guys enough for the support and the kind words. There is a very heated debate going on a Wiki over the subject as we speak.

One reader, TomXP411, provided a very useful suggestion:

The issue is notability. What we need is to find articles, reviews, or other commentary about Evil Inc. that is not related to or controlled by Guigar. I assume that printed works (newspaper or magazine articles) would be the most influential, but I also suppose that if hundreds of us posted to our blogs about this, it might make EI notable. Actually, that would make EI notable, wouldn’t it? The very act of making a stink over the deletion of the article would make the article notable to have it replaced.

Go forth and post to your blogs and news sites. In fact, if anyone can get something published in print form, that’s even better. Then come back here and post a link to your article. Then let’s use those as supporting evidence for notability. (make sure they’re permenant links, not something that will dissapear next week…)