WikiWatch: Un-Un-Un-Deleted!

Thanks to the strong response from readers and right-minded Wiki-editors, the Evil Inc entry in Wikipedia has been restored — and much improved!

But the battle is not over!

First of all, anything that can be un-un-un-deleted can certainly be un-un-un-un-deleted the next day — especially at Wikipedia!

Secondly, I am told that another good way to keep the entry pertinent is to have the entry updated with as much information as possible. And, I’m told, it has much more weight if that is done my anyone but me.

So here’s a chance to sock it to the man. Take a little time and, if you know Wikipedia’s rules, update the Evil Inc entry in some way.

Meanwhile… Howard Talyer’s rant on my behalf made the news…

You can also see the video and read the full transcript here. Fast forward about half-way. It’s just after the report on GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad and just before the report on social networks. Score one for Howard.