New York Comic Con: Feb 23-25

The first big convention of 2007 is just under two weeks away! If you’re not making plans to attend this one, you really ought to consider it! Fellow BLCer Paul Southworth and I will be out there, and you should be there, too!

I’ll have copies of Evil Inc Annual Report vol. 1 and Evil Inc Annual Report vol. 2. I’ll also bring Courting Disaster, vol. 1 and The Best of Gresytone Inn: Lightning Lady — and, of course, the VILF shirt. I’ll be doing convention sketches and kissing babies.

2007 Convention Appearances

Emerald City Comic Con: March 31st-April 1st.

Wizard World Philadelphia: June 15-17

Comic Con International: is scheduled for July 26-29.

Baltimore Comic Con: September.

PhilCon: Possible appearance in November