Seven Years!

Today marks seven years of producing a daily comic strip for me! I launched my first comic, Greystone Inn seven years ago today. Greystone ran six-days-a-week (with few exceptions) until June 21, 2005.

The next day, of course, Evil Inc was launched. It has run Monday-through-Saturday ever since.

The past seven years have also seen the rise of no fewer than two weekly comics. Courting Disaster, a single-panel strip about sex and relationships, was launched on Jan 12, 2005.

And Phables, which began as a bi-weekly but has been promoted to a weekly earlier this year, is a full-page comic about life in Philadelphia which started last year on Feb. 20.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be reaching this benchmark. There’s no way I could have done it without the amazing support of my family. My wife is, was, and always will be, the best wife in webcomics.

And then there’s you.

I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and support. It was brought into sharp focus last week during our battle with Wikipedia. You guys rallied, railed, ranted, and raged…

And you won.

You guys make it all worthwhile. I can’t say how much your support means to me. Every book you buy… every convention you visit me at… every e-mail, blog response, and forum comment… wow.

Thank you.