Wiki Watch: Starslip Crisis

Riddle me this: When is a defeat really a victory?

No one but the ultra-creative Kristofer Straub could have come up with this:

There’s been a little bit of a furor over Wikipedia and its inclusion policies for webcomics. It’s happened before; the most recent round of anger at Wikipedia’s confused methodologies started when Brad Guigar’s Evil Inc was put up to a vote for deletion, then spared, then re-deleted without a new vote, then re-spared by the Wikipedia gods. Next on the non-notable chopping block was Paul Southworth’s Ugly Hill. Paul took it personally and decided to link Ugly Hill’s Article for Deletion at his site, which of course resulted in upset fans supporting the strip’s inclusion.

But in Wikipedia terms this is called “meatpuppetry,” and frowned upon, as it can skew the vote in one direction. After all, if a hundred people who are fans claim a comic is notable, how will the three Wikipedia editors who know it’s not be heard?

The Webcomics Purge of ‘07 continues with the deletion of Starslip Crisis‘ article. An article for deletion was submitted to Wikipedia, to delete Starslip Crisis, and the measure carried.

The result was delete and redirect to Blank Label Comics. — Nearly Headless Nick {C} 10:42, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

Sounds pretty familiar so far, right? Well, get ready for this…

I started the vote to delete Starslip Crisis.

That’s right, gang, the evil villain behind the deletion of Starslip Crisis is none other than the creator of Starslip Crisis.

Only one question remains. Why? My bet is on the insurance money.

But I could be wrong.