WonderCon Roundup

WonderCon wrapped yesterday, and it seems there was a lot of news made. Here’s some of the best stories from the weekend.

DC’s Great Expectations Panel: [CBR] After Friday’s DC Nation panel, Dan Didio returned to Wondercon on Saturday with VP/Sales Bob Wayne, Senior Editor DCU Matt Idelson, Coordinating Editor DCU Jann Jones, Judd Winick, writer for “Green Arrow” and “The Outsiders”, and “Teen Titans” writer Adam Beechen. Didio spoke about the big projects for 2007 starting off with showing an image from the upcoming “Countdown” series (seen to the right). “Take look at this image, it’ll tell you a lot about what’s in store for all these heroes.â€? Didio happily then opened up the floor for questions. Read the entire story.

DC Nation: [CBR] Still pumped from from last weekend’s New York City Comic-Con, at which DC Comics Senior VP/Executive Editor Dan DiDio let slip a couple of heretofore closely guarded secrets (Barry Allen in a red Flash costume? Jason Todd as Red Robin?), the panelists were careful to keep their secrets close to the vest at this year’s WonderCon. Read the entire story.

Jeph Loeb Spotlight: [NEWSARAMA] Saying that he was his own moderator for the hour-long panel, Loeb introduced himself, briefly running down his credits in comics, film and television, noting this today’s was his first spotlight panel ever. …

Asked why he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, Loeb said that it wasn’t an issue of security in his comic career, but rather that, with the way the landscape is in the comics industry now, “It’s hard to stay at one place without the other place trying to get you to stay with them.� Loeb said that while he had told a lot of stories at DC, and had a lot of fun, Superman/Batman #26, the tribute to his late son Sam, was the last thing that he wanted to write at the company for a while. Read the entire story.

Jeph Loeb Spotlight: [CBR] Friday afternoon at WonderCon saw the creators of “Groo the Wanderer” Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier hosting their annual “Sergio & Mark Show” at the Moscone South Center in downtown San Francisco. The panel began with Evanier showing off his Groo computer wallpaper as people filed in. As people waited for Aragonés, Evanier walked the audience through the icons on his desktop and threatened to start a game of computer Solitaire. Read the entire story.