Two New Sponsors of Evil

Please welcome two new Sponsors of Evil!

The first if Bunky Nuglets. Bunky is a tightly-drawn personality-based comedy by Anthony Orr. From the creator’s blog on the first day of posting the comic: The idea of Bunky Nuglets came to me a while back while setting at a coffee shop, I started drawing these weird little characters based on people I know just for fun. Then I started thinking, “Hey, maybe I should do something with this.” So I started to develop the idea within the period of a year. Developing characters, working on strips and gags. Some of them based on my life, some based on fabrication, and some a little of both.

The other is a game — and a darned interesting one, too, from my perspective. TinyWarz is a free massively multiplayer, turn-based game where players battle other players and computer controlled bandits on distant worlds. Time is an important factor in TinyWarz – players are given a limited amount of time to finish their turns and are rewarded for early completion. In TinyWarz, each player is represented by a commander which they can customize through skills and abilities that are purchased with level points.

TinyWarz is designed to be played through your web-browser. However, unlike traditional web-based games, TinyWarz utilizes graphics instead of text. TinyWarz is also fast paced – players need to make quick decisions concerning their units. Fast game-play creates battles that can last a few minutes to an hour.

They support Evil, so you go and support them.