Courting Disaster

Courting Disaster, my weekly comic about sex, love, and relationships updates every Friday. You’ll laugh your pants off.

This week’s question:

I love my husband, but he has no clue of how to treat me sometimes. We’ve been together for almost two years and married for one month. In that time I have made it very clear that I hate his "Playboy" magazines and other such reading material. I have even told him it makes me feel like there are other women in our relationship. On top of that, he complains about our sex life and tells me he thinks a size 6 is "getting thick." (I am a 4.) He even made a comment the other day that his ex-wife gave him the best (you fill it in) of his life and that he hadn’t had a good one since. I have lost a lot of self-esteem. I know our sex life has declined because I do not want to be naked in front of him when he feels this way and has perfectly airbrushed pictures of other women naked. Also, for Valentine’s, even after I made a HUGE deal about it in advance and told him NOT to buy lingerie for me, saying that I had enough of it but to simply do something nice and sweet, he got me lingerie. From a sex toy Web site. What should I do? –Feeling Small?

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