Watchmen movie update

According to the Hollywood Reporter, there are even more reasons to feel good about the success of Frank Miller’s 300

[HOLLYWOOD REPORTER] “Who watches the Watchmen?” was the tagline of the seminal 1986 Alan Moore miniseries about a group of heroes investigating the murder of one of their own. In 2007, in the warm glow of “300’s” blockbuster opening, the answer could be “everybody.”

Zack Snyder, the director of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “300,” has been developing “Watchmen” at the studio since June, and during the recent press tour for the Spartan epic, he said he was aiming for a summer shoot for “Watchmen” — even though it has not been cast, or even greenlighted by the studio.

Snyder’s enthusiasm for the project spilled out online late last week when a Snyder-created image of one of the “Watchmen” characters was discovered embedded in a “300” DVD trailer distributed by marketing street teams and was posted all over the Web, causing a minor cacophony.

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