Marvel Preview: ‘Avengers: The Initiative’

Dan Slott’s new project, “Avengers: The Initiative” has already sold out through Diamond, and a second printing is being rushed through. The title is due to appear in bookstores April 4.

Slott is a terrific writer. It seems he’s got a real barn-burner on tap.

[NEWSARAMA] As Quesada said, it was Slott’s ideas for the concept that had Marvel editorial jazzed: “I’ve now sat in a few creative meetings with Dan and he is really coming of age here,â€? Quesada said. “I will say this and I kid you not, when it comes to creative spit-balling, he is right up there with Bendis, JMS, Millar, Loeb and Brubaker. Dan Slott is the real deal, he’s impressed us to no end, we just have to figure out a way to get him to write faster! He is the biggest superstar in comics that no one knows about.â€?

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