Look What’s Big In June…And A Sinestro Corps Cover, Too

DC is previewing two big covers for two big projects that are scheduled to ship in June.

[NEWSARAMA] We’ve gotten our hands on two covers form major DC projects coming in June: Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special (via the cover to the forthcoming Previews) and Justice League of America #10, which writer Brad Meltzer has just posted.

While we’ll have more soon from Geoff Johns on the Sinestro Corps Special, Meltzer said the following about the cover to JLA #10:

“As promised, here’s the first look at Michael Turner’s cover for JLA #10, the final chapter of the JLA/JSA crossover. And yes, this will fit together with the two previous covers. And yes, we don’t have the cover for 8 yet. And yes, this is AFTER we asked to reduce Power Girl’s chest. I call them the bottled cities of Kandor.

OK. I have to say it. I have no problem with large breasts in comics. Heck. Just look at Lightning Lady. And I know that it helps sell the comic. Look at the covers of my books. But that JLA cover… That’s just ridiculous, man!

And he says that this illustration was after they asked them to reduce the breasts! What did they look like before? Was it one of those variant cover deals where two covers get put together to form a large image?

“Hey I got the Power Girl cover!”

“Loser. I got her breasts.”

Regarding the Sinestro Corps: PLEASE DON’T SUCK!

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