52 #46

Y’know… Silver Bullet’s Jim Beard makes a really good point about DC’s 52. The idea to gather all of the “mad scientists” on Oolong Island is pure genius. Evidently, the brainy bad boys get their turn to shine in issue 46.

It’s funny how I seem to be enjoying the Oolong Island scientists a bit more now that they’ve released the Four Horsemen into the world. This week they perform a great, no, a fantastic takedown on the oh-so-mighty Black Adam, and good gosh, it was fun to witness. Though the scientists have often veered seriously close to outright slapstick on occasion, in Week Forty-Six they (through our writers) demonstrate their abilities to weave together equal parts humor, drama, action, and weirdness into a worthwhile whole. That’s not always easy to do.

I should just say this: I’m gonna miss these ‘lil suckers when they’re gone. I’d go so far as to say I wouldn’t mind seeing an Oolong Island mini-series after 52 wraps. Morrow, Magnus, Krabb, Cyclops, Tyme, I.Q…a great ensemble, one I’ve grown to appreciate. Plus, they’ve got an awful lot of completely awfully horrific technology stuck away in that joint; where’s THAT all going to go to? Imagine if some upstart country somewhere in the world got a hold of it. World War IV, anyone?

I agree with Jim: We need an Oolong Island series!

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