The Week in Villany

Who’s Up and Who’s Down in Crime (part two)

Solomon Grundy: Formerly a brainless heavy, Grundy has resurfaced in JLA #5 with all the muscles — plus brains. According to the exposatory dialogue, Grundy changes a little every time he’s killed and brought back to life (or, in his case, “undeath”).

This time, he has been brought back with a brain. So, instead of being a mindless force of incredible power, he’s now somewhat intelligent. Of course, now he’s also afraid of being killed again, lest he lose this new gift.

This is reminiscent of when the Hulk gained the ability to use Bruce Banner’s mind — or as comic fans the world over refer to it: “The Day the Hulk Got Boring.”

It’s no better on Grundy.

Let’s hope his ultimate demise is expedited. Then we can get back to what made this character worthwhile: Solomon Grundy SMAYUSH!

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