Emerald City Comic Con — Wrap-up

I’m still hearing from people I met at Emerald City, and I’m still reading reviews of the convention. This really is the little con that could. ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the highlights of going to Seattle was meeting Erik Kjerland, who is the creator of Action Figure Comics. Erik was the presentor for the Superhero category of the 2006 Webcartoonists’ Choice Awards — through which he learned of Evil Inc.

Erik was nice enough to stop by the Blank Label Comics booth and chat for a while. He’s clearly an astute cartoonist and an empassioned creator.

He commissioned a sketch of Vayla, a sexy elf in his comic. The sketch can be seen here. I think I made her alluring to an appropriate degree. ๐Ÿ™‚

Meanwhile, people are still posting about Emerald City.

From CBR:

The ECCC (taking place in Seattle) is now in its fifth year of existence, and it celebrated this fact by breaking its own attendance record with over 7000 individual attendees. When compared to some of the larger cons, this number may sound on the small side. However, fans and guests agree that the energy and excitement felt at ECCC is possibly even greater than that of the country’s largest convention. Organizer Jim Demonakos, who puts the event on with the help of Brian Meredith, George Demonakos and Chris Rangel, was extremely pleased with what he saw this weekend. Read the entire post.

Silver Bullet has a very good review as well.

And, of course, some photos.

My neighbor-across-the-aisle at Emerald City, Comics Fairplay, has a fantastic list of more reviews and blog posts.

Finally, I know darned well that I’m not a particularly photogenic guy, but it’s painful — painful to have such conclusive proof.