This Week in Villainy: April 2-8, 2007

Who’s Up and Who’s Thwarted

Wrecking Crew: Marvel’s blue-collar baddies are going to earn the distinction of being the first butts kicked by the newly-formed Omega Flight in Omega Flight #1. Since this team is being comprised of the likes of U.S. Agent (the Captain America wannabe) and Beta Ray Bill (the horse-faced Thor wannabe) and Arachne (the Spider-Woman wannabe), it’s gonna be awfully hard for any of these villains to look anyone in the eyes when they finally get carted away to prison.

Which raises a question: Do they waste space in the special Negative-Zone prison for these guys, or do they just take their toys away and send them to their rooms?

Points deducted for the fact that they had to go to Canada to ply their craft since there are too many heroes in the U.S. for them. And they should know, they’ve been thwarted by almost everyone with a cape in the Marvel universe. Even the Runaways dusted them.

Extra points deducted for the fact that they’re clearly going to fail there, too.