Courting Disaster

Courting Disaster, my weekly comic about sex, love, and relationships updates every Friday. You’ll laugh your pants off.

This week’s question:

Q: At the beginning of this year, I had what I thought was a one-night stand. I met a flight attendant at my job and we ended up having sex the same night. Since that time it has turned into more than that. She has come to my town for work quite often and we have seen each other four or five times. For a while I was thinking it was just the great sex that was igniting my feelings. However, I find myself having stronger feelings now. How can I differentiate between sexual feelings and “real emotions?” I have told her that I really like her. There is one other aspect that may be driving me crazy: I am white and she is black and I have always craved being with a black woman. It was more explosive than I ever imagined and now black women are the only women I want sexually. Is this normal? How can I get my feelings together? –Come Fly With Me

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