‘Spider-Man 3’ Villains Talk About Villainy

[AP] Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is so good at his job that his Hollywood handlers put him up against three enemies this time.

“Spider-Man 3” continues Peter Parker and alter-ego Spider-Man’s battle against old pal Harry Osborn ( James Franco), who’s out to avenge his father’s death, which he blames on Spidey.

Meantime, petty crook Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church) escapes from prison to try to help his sickly daughter and blunders into a scientific experiment that transforms him into the Sandman, who can shift into sand formations and uses the ability to steal and beat up on Spider-Man.

Spider-Man himself is tempted by his dark side as he learns the truth about his beloved Uncle Ben’s death, and he’s infected by an alien entity that brings out his inner villain. Spidey’s struggle eventually encompasses Peter’s news photography rival, Eddie Brock ( Topher Grace), who becomes the black-hearted Venom, a creature with powers similar to Spider-Man’s.

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