This Week in Villainy: April 22-28, 2007

Who’s Up and Who’s Thwarted

Mr. Mind: He started as a downright cute caterpillar-like creature who provided a mild threat to the Captain Marvel Family. We saw him weave a cocoon in DC’s “52,” but that was almost a year ago. Now, last week, in Week 51 of “52,” we see the new Mr. Mind.

And he’s scary as hell.

[Wikipedia] Turns out Mind was revealed to have transplanted himself from his cocoon to within Skeets, the robotic companion of Booster Gold, to complete his transformation. Destroying Skeets from within, Mind adopted his identity and schemed to consume the multiverse, which had returned to existence as a result of the Infinite Crisis. Discovering that Rip Hunter was aware of his plans, if not his identity, Mind, as Skeets, attempted to hunt him down and draw him out, to no avail. Eventually, he discovered Hunter hiding in the bottle city of Kandor, but when Hunter turned the Phantom Zone projector on him, Mind overpowered it and actually “ate” the zone itself. At the end of week 51, Mind tracked Hunter and Booster down to the lab of T.O. Morrow, where his gestation completed and he emerged from within Skeets in a monstrous imago form, vowing to devour all the universes.

Starting with this one.

This ain’t your father’s Mr. Mind.

Submitted by Ed Robinson

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