Tales from the Sinestro Corps

Somewhere the Crypt Keeper is smiling.

Making the Tales from the Sinestro Corps — found in the back of the current issues of Green Lantern — in the form of a caring, affectionate homage to the horror comics of the EC era is a stroke of pure genius. (Click on the image to the right for a bigger view)

Right down to featuring a narrator figure carrying a dusty tome with assorted tales of terror, these stories recall the very best of that lost time of horror comics that made such an impression on the culture of the time that the government deemed it necessary to regulate it.

Beyond the familiar visuals, we’re treated to some truly horrific stories in Tales worthy of being included alongside EC’s best gore-filled stories.

It’s a well-used, effective tool that’s making the Sinestro Corps extremely creepy. And, technically, they haven’t even started yet.