Best Title in Comics: JLA Unlimited

I’ve been trying hard for the past several months not to post this next item, but I’m afraid it simply needs to be said.

JLA Unlimited is one of the top five monthly titles in comic stores today.

That’s right. That comic targeted to grade-schoolers. Better than New Avengers. Better than any of the X-titles. Better than Superman/Batman.

It’s on my reserve list because I get it for my four-year-old. Bedtime reading. Drives the wife nuts.

But… here’s the thing. It’s really, really good.

Every issue is a team-up involving different members of the Justice League — including obscure members such as the Crimson Avenger.

The stories? Nothing Earth-breaking. And thank goodness for that. With all of the multiverse/no-mulitverse/multiverse stuff going on in the DCU over the past couple years, Earth(s)breakingness is a matter of course these days.

But the stories are entertaining. Charming even. They clip right along and are clearly written from a heartfelt love of the history of DC comics.

And the art… The art is simply stunning. Simple, swift, strong linework. Solid composition. Good gosh, it’s a joy.

Check out the page from #33 featuring Stargirl. She’s absolutely gorgeous. And it’s not about Power-Girl-esque body dimensions. It’s about pose and posture and expression. It’s a higher level of illustration, people.

Stop wasting it on the kids, DC.