The Week in Villainy: May 20-26, 2007

Who’s Up and Who’s Thwarted

The Rogues: Flash’s Rogues Gallery are taking a step towards the center of the DC universe in the early issues of Countdown. So far, the gathering of the group and the dramatic tension (“Are the Pied Piper and Trickster actually evil or are they turncoats?”) has been a little lackluster. The stand-out scene, so far, as happened in #48, in which Mirror Master snorts cocaine from the opposite side of the mirror it’s being measured out on. Now that is a mastery of mirrors.

But #46 is right around the corner, and TWIV is expecting some major movement for the Speedster’s top foes. Remember. A couple years ago and you would have laughed at anybody who would have told you that Egg Fu could be formidable again.

The Rogues have a solid “up” rating. For now.

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