The Week in Villainy

Who’s Up and Who’s Thwarted

Fatal Five:In the latest issue of The Brave and the Bold, the Fatal Five burst onto the scene, led by The Lord of Time, and squaring off against Batman and the highy inexperienced Blue Beetle.

The current line-up of this Legion-of-Superheroes villain team is: Mano, who vaporizes matter with his hand; Persuader, who weilds the Atomic Axe; Emerald Empress and her Mystic Eye of Ekron; and Tharok, a cyborg killing machine who controls the giant Validus.

It’s a pretty formidible roster. Not only do they outnumber the heroes three-to-one, but they have more power by a significant degree. Easy rout, right?

Wrong. The two Brave-and-Bolders easily face down the six baddies in a struggle that stops only when Batman and Tharok are melded together as one.

And that didn’t even happen intentially.

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