Wizard World 2007 — Trend interview

Hayden Mitman did a fantastic piece on Wizard World Philly for Trend, an 800,000-circulation newspaper delivered throughout the Philly suburbs. The guy gave me some major-league props, devoting five paragraphs (yes, I counted) to our interview. He even included the Evil Inc URL.

He mentions the Eisner Award, the SPJ honor, Evil Inc, Phables, and Greystone Inn.

[TREND] “I started doing a comic called ‘Greystone Inn,’ and it evolved into ‘Evil Inc.’ I was doing it on the side. The Daily News didn’t even know I was doing it,â€? he said. “Now, along with the day job [at the Philadelphia Daily News], I work on it six days a week, but who needs sleep?â€? Check out this week’s Trend, hitting the streets today, for the entire thing, or read the PDF.