The Week in Villainy: Electra

Who’s Up and Who’s Thwarted

Electra: First Mary Marvel. Now Electra. It seems as if this is the year for switching sides. I guess black is the new… er… black.

In the latest copy of New Avengers, it is revealed that Electra is actually a Skrull.

[CBR] …New Avengers member Echo stabbed Elektra and the Hand leader fell down to the floor dead . . . before reverting to the form of a Skrull! The race of shapeshifting alien invaders have, at least in one case, managed to impersonate people in the Marvel Universe and have done so undetected – until now. CBR News spoke with “New Avengers” writer Brian Michael Bendis about this shocking event and what it means for the Marvel Universe.

The secret Skrull infiltration has, it turns out, been in development for quite some time. “You first saw glimpses of it in ‘New Avengers’ #1 with the shadowy figure on the second page,” Bendis told CBR News. “This has been cooking for a long time. It has been gone over at every [story/editorial] retreat for a couple of years now.” Read the whole thing.

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