The Week in Villainy: Joker

Who’s Up and Who’s Thwarted

Joker: After lying low following the “Slayride” story where he had been hit by a truck, the Joker now has an upper hand. Currently in the Detective Comics line, he has Zatanna trapped in a water tank with a bullet in her throat (to prevent her from saying her backward spells) and Batman in an electric chair.

[DC] Zatanna guest-stars in Part 1 of a 2-part tale of magic, murder and madness by Paul Dini! When her former assistant is killed in a dangerous trick gone wrong, the Maid of Magic turns to Batman to uncover the real circumstances behind the young woman’s death, leading them to a confrontation with the mysterious illusionist Ivar Loxias — and an ultimately terrifying revelation.

— Submitted by Sir-Real

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