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VQ Rating: Skrulls

Taking stock of super-villains

The Skrulls: With Electra being revealed to be a Skrull in New Avengers #31, the entire Skrull race is taking a major step forward in the pantheon of super-villainy. As of right, now anybody in the Marvel Universe could be a Skrull. They could be anywhere.

Nice move.

[Wikipedia] In New Avengers #31, it is shown that the Hand’s current leader Elektra is a Skrull in disguise; also, the baby of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones began to display the characteristic green eyes of a Skrull.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has stated in interviews that the Skrull revelation is only the start of a wider story arc that indicates many Marvel heroes are actually Skrulls. While this will not make major changes to previous events such as Civil War, this hidden conspiracy will eventually play out of the Pages of New Avengers and into the Marvel Event of 2008, whose Tagline will be ‘Who Can You Trust’, in contrast to 2006’s ‘Whose Side Are You On?’

Can that mean that the fabulous Super Skrull could be far behind? Let’s hope not. The Skrulls rise to a VQ rating of 8. It’s a guaranteed 9 if Luke Cage’s baby is a Skrull.

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