Site Features

Welcome to all of my new minions-to-be who discovered Evil Inc at Comic Con International! Here’s a re-cap of all the sites features that make this your home page for Evil.

RSS feed (comic):The strip itself has an RSS feed.

Blog: A villain-centric look at comic books. Every week, the blog spotlights a villain in “The Week In Villainy.” “TWIV” takes a villain from a recent issue and analyzes his or her performance. Also includes updates about my other comic projects such as Courting Disaster, and Phables. Register with Blogger, and participate in the discussion! It’s free!

At the bottom of the blog is a list of ten preceeding posts. If you’d like to continue reading, it’s a good tool. The posts on the archive pages also feature similar lists — linking to the ten blog posts preceeding the last post directly above.

Stay updated on the latest from the blog with the RSS feed.

Facebook: The Evil Inc fan club, “Henchmen, Lackeys, Thugs and Goons,” meets here. This is quickly becoming the place to be for extras like plot previews, behind-the-scenes discussions, and nifty features such as having Evil Inc updated daily on your Facebook profile page!

Other comics: Check out my weekly sex comic, Courting Disaster, and my Eisner-nominated, longform comic about Philadelphia, Phables.

Books: You can get collections of all my work in book form.The best seller is the graphic novel based on Evil Inc. Even if you read the strip daily, it’s a whole new experience. The first book, Evil Inc Annual Report Vol 1 is now available through Diamond Distributing (January Previews).

Free e-mail subscription: You can get each day’s comic mailed directly to your inbox. Just send an e-mail to comic-subscribe(at)evil-comic(dot)com to get added to the mailing list.

Free e-mail newsletter: You can get the scoop on all of my comic projects and some insider information about the Evil Inc plot — including spoilers. Just send an e-mail to news-subscribe(at)evil-comic(dot)com to get added to the mailing list.

Google search engine: You can use this to find previous posts in the blog on a particular topic. You can also use it to search the Web itself. Previous blog posts are archived along with the comic from the day the blog was first posted.

Comic search: You can search the comics, too, using the Ohnorobot search engine that appears directly under each comic. Type in a word (or words), hit “Go,” and find all the comics that use the word(s) you typed. You can volunteer to transcribe a comic by clicking on “Transcribe This Comic” tag under any comic that has not been transcribed yet.

Sponsorship: For $20, you can place your ad on a button that will appear on all of the Evil Inc comic pages for an entire month. Go here for details.

One-dollar desktop wallpaper: The hot VILF logo is the current wallpaper being offered for a buck. If I don’t have your screen resolution, e-mail me and I’ll do one especially for you. Click the donation button to the right.

Forum: If you haven’t checked out the Evil Inc forum yet, you’re missing out on some fantastic topics. You can even request a free forum sig there!

Wikipedia: Evil Inc has its own Wikipedia entry. Please feel free to add to it.

MySpace: My MySpace page is here. Be my friend. Many blog posts are also mirrored here.

Livejournal: Posts about my personal life and other things that don’t fit in the site blog go here.