Comic Con 2007: Convention Report Part 4

Of course, another major highlight of my week in San Diego was the opportunity to attend at Eisner Award ceremony as a nominee. As you may remember, my weekly comic, Phables, was nominated for Best Digital Comic 2006.

As always, click on the photos to see full-sized pixelly goodness.

That’s me, in the photo to the right, sitting at my table before the ceremony began. It was a close as a guy like me is ever going to get to a major awards show like the Oscars or the Emmys, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Unfortunately, Phables did not get the nod for the Best Digital Comic of 2006. It went to Sam & Max by Steve Purcell. I walked over to Mr. Purcell’s booth the next day to offer my congratulations. “Thanks,” he responded, “But I think the other people in the category worked a lot harder on their comics than I did on mine.” I wished him continued success and exited.

Rejoining my Blank Label compadres the next morning, I was met with the same congratulations and enthusiasm that I would have gotten if I had actually won. I have to say, I really felt great about the nomination, and my friends made me feel even better about it. Still, in the interest of truth-in-advertising, I was honor-bound to cover the word “nominated for” on my “Nominated for the Eisner Award” sign with “LOSER.” Heck, Howard Tayler even brought me a special post-Eisner lunch the next day (to the right).

I was feeling really good about myself right up until Sam and Max themselves showed up. Were they there to rub my nose in it? Probably not. Phil Foglio was right across the aisle and I think we could have taken them if they would have started any shenanigans. Still, I couldn’t resist posing for a quick photo with my betters. There’s one thing a guy learns hanging out with super-villains for as long as I have. There’s always next time… next time…