Baltimore Comic Con

I’m going to be in Baltimore this weekend for the Baltimore Comic Con. I’ll be in Artist Alley with copies of both Evil Inc Annual Reports and the Courting Disaster books. If you’re interested in buying original art, please let me know and I’ll have them on hand for you. Stop over and say hello!

The rest of the year looks like this…


Baltimore Comic Con: Sept. 8-9

SPXpo (Bethesda, Md): Oct. 12-13

PhilCon: Nov. 16-18

Next year looks like this, with tentatively scheduled dates in grey.


Katsucon (Washington, D.C.): February 15-17 **Celebrating 8 years of daily cartooning**

New York Comic Con: April 18-20.

Emerald City Comic Con: May 10-11.

Wizard World Philadelphia: May 29 – June 1

CAPE (Texas): May

Wizard World Chicago: June 26-29

Comic Con: July

Baltimore Comic Con: Sept.

SPXpo (Bethesda, Md): Oct. 12-13

PhilCon: November

Wizard World Texas: November 7-9

Now that I’m an Eisner LOSER, I’ve been e-mailed the same question over and over: “When are you coming *here* so I can laugh in your face?” The answer is: As soon as I get invited to a convention near your town. Write the promoters of your favorite comic con and let them know! And if you’re a convention promoter and/or if you help organize a comic convention please get in touch and we can discuss how to make that happen.